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Built in 1927, The Ebell of Los Angeles is an architectural masterpiece and Registered Historic Landmark. With courtyard garden and majestic ballrooms, it’s the perfect setting for your most special day. The Special Event Team and Executive Chef can transform your wedding into a gala affair.

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Los Angeles Wedding from Amber Events + Callaway Gable

I'm having a hard timing limiting myself to just a few words to describe this breathtakingly beautiful Los Angeles affair... it's a gorgeous mix of culture and old-Hollywood glamour, the couple is clearly madly in love, The Ebell of Los Angeles is a positively swoon-worthy setting, and their event totally embraces their passion for friends, family, and love of entertaining. I could go on and on, but what's not as easy to put into words is how...


Wrap It Up Pretty Little Black Book Blog!

Do you ever have a week that just makes you smile? When you think back, it was filled with so much love and happiness, you can't help but break out the grin. We've had a week like that on the LBB Blog. And to finish it in the same style, we couldn't say no to an engagement session from Forever Photography Studio filled with adorable, heartfelt details and the cutest couple in Texas. So soak in the lovely this afternoon, and...


The Ebell of Los Angeles Wedding by Brandon Kidd Photography + Modern 8 Films

Technically, this Los Angeles wedding is steampunk-inspired, but I am just going to call it awesome.  With these gorgeous images by Brandon Kidd Photography and stellar event design by So Happi Together, I am in some serious, serious love.  Starting with the oh-so-amazing invitations (designed by the bride and groom) and ending with those vintage purple heels, there is not a detail in this crazy cool...